The Pothole Crisis

There is no denying that potholes are a global problem for our transportation networks.

Fast changing weather patterns, the freeze-thaw cycle and the increasing volume of today’s global traffic are all causes of serious damage to road surfaces. No one could have anticipated such heavy traffic when our roads were originally built. Huge increases in traffic volumes throughout emerging markets have also far exceeded expectations.

Potholes cause frustration for road-users worldwide, and these frustrations are very frequently aired through television, newspaper, radio debates, blogs and online advice forums. It would appear to some that insurance companies are the only ones gaining from this situation, with the amount of motorists now claiming for vehicle damage increasing by high percentages year on year.

Potholes add increased strains on our local government and municipalities whose highway maintenance budgets are already stretched to capacity. They cost time and money with the employment of traffic management, and the manpower associated with repeat visits when using a non-flexible material that does not provide a right first time solution.

Road surfaces are in constant need of repair and this is a major challenge for infrastructure worldwide and a strain on national resources.

But… there is a solution

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